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Epiphany Sunday - 10.30am


Christmas Day - 10.00am


Christmas Eve - 11.30pm


4th Sunday of Advent - 10.30am


4th Sunday of Advent - 9.00am


3rd Sunday of Advent - 9.00am


2nd Sunday of Advent - 6.30pm


2nd Sunday of Advent - 10.30am


Advent Sunday - 6.30pm


Advent Sunday - 10.30am


Remembrance Sunday / 2nd Sunday before Advent - 6.30pm


Remembrance Sunday / 2nd Sunday before Advent - 3.30pm


Remembrance Sunday / 2nd Sunday before Advent - 10.30am


3rd Sunday before Advent - 6.30pm


3rd Sunday before Advent - 9.00am


Conference Media

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