Palm Sunday


Posted on Monday, March 25, 2013 by Canon Revd. Arthur Houston

Are we Palm Sunday or Easter Sunday Christians?

We cry “Hosanna! Save us!” because we long for a quick answer to our every problem.

In the church, we claim and explain that every Sunday is Easter Sunday – that every Sunday we worship the risen Christ! But is it all too often, every Sunday is actually more like Palm Sunday: full of hope and well-intentioned emotional swelling, brimming over with victorious possibilities, but also carrying within it the inevitability of Jesus’ death?

Peter Gomes sums it up, “That is the only reality: that God’s love is the only thing that makes sense out of suffering, conflict, or tragedy. God’s love does not do away with conflict, or suffering, or tragedy. God’s love is the thing that makes it possible to bear it, to see it, to share in it, to understand it, and to pass through it.”

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