What does Easter mean to you?

Chris Key

What does Easter mean to you?
I enjoy hot cross cross buns, chocolate eggs, and all the other things that go with Easter as much as the next person, but I’m still quite sad about them.

And that’s because enjoying them seems to be the only thing many do at this season which could actually mean so very much more!

Compare eating a chocolate egg with being certain you’ve been restored to friendship with the God who made you.

How about a hot cross bun, compared with knowing you’ve been given a life of joy with him for ever?

Pretty obvious isn’t it?

So why not go for the real Easter?

Those sweet things were originally to show that the fasting of Lent and Good Friday was over and Easter could be celebrated. And the bunnies, eggs and chicks were a reminder that new life was arriving in Spring, just like new life came to Jesus on Easter Day even though until then he’d been dead and buried.

Here at St. Luke’s Church we’re excited because we’ve encountered Jesus, he’s changed our lives, and so we’re passionate about helping others to meet him too.

We don’t deserve any of the amazing gifts that Easter brings, yet we have them because God loves us anyway. So why not come along here to enjoy all that Easter means? You may get a hot cross bun or two, but you will also be offered something far more wonderful that would change not only your life but your eternity!

May the risen Jesus bless you at this glorious season.


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