How Would You Do?

Chris KeyPosted on Monday, June 1st, 2015 by Chris Key

My daughter, along with many youngsters at this time of year, is in the middle of significant exams, and occasionally asks her parents questions relating to her subjects. Stuff sticks in our memory especially by repetition, reinforcement and comprehension.

But my too-regular failures academically, both back then and today, make me deeply glad that God doesn’t look for any special level of knowledge or an ability to pass exams when he assesses each of us. I’m not accepted by the Lord because I have degrees in theology or can remember where Micah is in the Bible. He loves me simply because I have put my trust in his Son, who died and rose again for me (and you). It’s Jesus who deals completely with our mess-ups, whether in school tests or in moral life, cleaning us up and making us ready to come close to our God again. And it’s Jesus who dusts us down from failures and offers us a role in life that will make a difference for eternity, giving a sense of significance as each discovers what they were personally created for.

St. Luke’s is about valuing people no matter what their academic background (or lack of it) was like, and helping them find a role that satisfies them. Jesus was (and is!) the most complete human ever, despite passing not a single exam, and delights to enable us to grow into our fullness too.

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