Chris KeyPosted on Thursday, July 1st, 2015 by Chris Key

We’re so used to our ‘right’ to a holiday that we might miss their significance, but a bit of history helps.

They were originally the ‘holy days’ of the year, such as Christmas, Good Friday and Easter Sunday, when labourers got a day off (or at least part of a day). Centuries ago people often got married on Christmas Day because only then, with Boxing Day, were they guaranteed two days off (though I am most definitely NOT offering to do many weddings that day myself!)

People then didn’t expect to have longer periods off work, so maybe we should be grateful for what we all get now?

But on the ‘holy days’ they would also expect to go to church to mark whatever Christian event was being celebrated and as a way to measure out each year and sense where they had got to.

Perhaps our ‘holidays’ might prove more refreshing to us in today’s world if we didn’t merely seek physical and intellectual rest and refreshment, but we also planned in things that would ‘feed’ our spiritual lives as well and reconnect us to God again.


Chris Key (Vicar)

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