Ash Wednesday

Robin WilliamsonPosted on Wednesday 1st March 2017, by Robin Williamson


Isaiah 58:1-12 & Matthew 6: 1-6 and 16-21

Here we are again – Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. Traditionally a time to deny ourselves something we enjoy, to show God we love Him, and mean business.

For years I’ve more or less given up chocolate (sweets – not ice-cream, cake or biscuits) but perhaps it would be better to give up say Sunday evening telly which I love, and attend an evening service – at least sometimes.

This morning I was reminded that additional reading during Lent can be helpful and I have just been given ‘Henri Nouwen Spirituality’, by a priest I respect – so no excuses!

Our Gospel reading from Matthew 6 has some very clear teaching from Christ that how we actually practice our faith matters to Him. Does what we do say “Look at us” or are we expressing humility and patience, through which we may yet be further transformed into the image of Christ? It’s easy to confirm that we don’t blow trumpets to draw attention to ourselves when giving – but do we somehow let slip that we’ve made a donation to something? Does the smudge of ashes on our forehead advertise to all how holy we’ve been – or help us to draw closer to Christ?

This Lent I want to somehow try to spend more time being still before Our Lord everyday. Are you able to do something positive to draw you closer to our Living Lord? If so Easter when it comes will be really special!

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