Earth Overshoot day

August 2nd 2017 was Earth Overshoot Day.  This sobering date is the day each year after which we are living on resources borrowed from future years, we have used more resources than the planet can produce in a year.

According to campaigners, the equivalent of 1.7 planets would be needed to produce enough natural resources to match our consumption rates and a growing population.

The date is still getting earlier and earlier each year.  Earth Overshoot Day has been calculated since 1986 and then it was in November.

This 2nd August date is the average global figure, so countries where people use far less of the earth’s resources per year help keep it later.  If we just look at how the UK uses resources our Earth Overshoot day is 4th May!

You can also calculate when your personal Earth Overshoot Day would be here:  Mine was in mid July – still shocking!

We are advised to help reverse the trend by eating less meat, burning less fuel and cutting back on food waste. The Global Footprint Network report that food makes up 26 per cent of our global footprint currently, and if we cut food waste in half, ate less protein-intensive foods and consumed more fruit and vegetables, it could be reduced to 16 per cent. Our carbon footprint has the largest impact at 60 per cent of our global footprint.


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