Give a Car and Make a Difference

I have a friend who had an old car – it wasn’t worth much financially, but it was fairly reliable for getting him from A-to-B, until a few months ago when it start making some very strange noises.  Having taken it to the garage, he realised that it would cost several times the value of the car to fix.  So he decided it was time to buy a ‘new’ car.

Now that was fine and plenty of research was undertaken to choose the best car for him.  But then there came the thorny issue of what to do with his old car.  Unless it was fixed it was worth nothing, and fit for nothing expect for scrappage.  And this is where we learned something new that I thought was worth sharing to a wider audience … it is easy to donate your car to charity at no cost to you whilst helping to raise money for good causes.  In other words, to quote from one company strapline, ‘Give a Car and Make a Difference’.

The theory is that every car is worth something – even if only the scrap metal value – and by donating your car to charity, your car will either be scrapped and recycled, or sold at auction, with up to 100% of the scrap value or the market value of the car being given to a charity of your choice, with charities such as Oxfam having raised more than £100,000 through the sale of more than 350 cars since 2006.

So, if you’ve decided to stop driving, or are downsizing from two cars to one, or want to avoid the headaches of selling a used car, or, like my friend, you just need to work out what to do with your car-shaped pile of scrap metal, how about considering donating your car to charity.

For further information, have a look at websites for organisations like Give A Car and Charity Car

By Anne Waite for Wye Eco Church used with permission by Alison Riggs and Clare Taylor, Environment Officers.


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