Why care for the environment?

Keep Calm and Take Care of the Environment

Extreme weather events

Some of us, and our gardens, are drooping in the current heat & drought! Others struggled in the 2016 summer floods. However globally, it is those much less fortunate than ourselves, and wildlife, that really suffer from climate chaos. Reducing our carbon emissions, switching to green energy and generally ‘living lightly’ helps reduce our impacts on climate.

Clean air doesn’t give you a cough

Health is a great reason to reduce environmental pollution. Recycling goes some way here, but ultimately we need to produce and use less if we are to be sustainable. Maybe one less product a day can help to keep the doctor away. Driving less, avoiding single use plastics and using cleaning products with fewer chemicals all help. Getting out into green spaces is also beneficial for our mental health.

Maintain connected spaces for wildlife

Looking after different habitats enables an extraordinary number of species to live on this planet. This in turn means safeguarding the variety and sustainability of food, medicine and water supplies – and maintaining the delicate balance of the wonderful diversity of life on this planet. Your children and grandchildren will be most grateful!

Pay less for your bills

Start saving now by unplugging chargers when not in use (also a fire safety action), turning off gadgets on standby, defrosting your freezer regularly, just boiling enough water for your immediate needs, taking care when cooking or doing the washing, etc, etc.

Every little helps

The same with food waste. A little planning can save you money, prevent wasted resources, and you might turn your left-overs into a gourmet dish! A fun challenge that several celebrity chefs have also taken up.

Landfills are ugly

How much beauty will we sacrifice to efficiency and economic growth? Could we really enjoy life without birds singing, gorgeous sunsets and breath taking mountainous landscapes? Our lifestyle impacts nature. Choose beauty!!

Don’t shrug your shoulders – dare to hope

It is easy to sound alarming and to be alarmed about all these problems. It is also easy to get overwhelmed and to feel that our contribution is all but irrelevant. Unfortunately, Christianity has often portrayed this world as not really that important when compared to ‘spiritual’ things. But this is wrong. Ecology is all about hope: believing that change is possible and that we can leave a better world than the one that we came into. Christianity too is all about hope: we aren’t doomed; God cares for us so much that He took on the nature of this very world that we sometimes despair of. He did this in order to restore it, as a whole – not just humans. To be part of His work we need hopeful action not a sit-back-and-relax type of hope . Caring for the environment is a very palpable way of joining this restoration movement, choosing hope over despair, action over apathy and joy over weariness. It is so worth it!

Adapted & updated from a 2014 article by the Wye Church Eco-congregation working group.

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