Kent’s Marvellous Marine Milieu

“Let heaven and earth praise him, the seas and all that move in them” Psalm 69v34

Kent has a great deal of coast so this month we will consider our marine environment.

Currently, you can gain a view of the undersea world without leaving land-locked Maidstone.  You can admire the Woolly Watery World exhibition at Tyland Barn in October, and from October to February at Maidstone Museum.  Many volunteers have knitted and crocheted amazing marine creatures but amongst them you also can spot certain items that should not be in our marine environment and learn about Marine Conservation Zones.

We have eleven Marine Conservation Zones MCZs around the county, recognising the importance of the marine habitats present.  You can explore them in a story map hereThese MCZs would not have been designated without data from volunteer Seasearch and Shoresearch surveyors. You can get involved and help. See this website for details.

The Guardians of the Deep project is giving everyone the chance to learn more about the astonishing wildlife that lives around Kent’s shores and provide lots of ideas and activities through which you can help to look after it.

If you regularly visit a section of our coast, do consider training as a Coastal Guardian. Sessions are available on 3rd, 10th, 13th or 14th Oct.

Instead, or as well, you could attend training for the Big Seaweed Search on 3rd Oct.

Volunteers are also welcome to help with beach cleans, such as the one on the 21st Oct at Pegwell Bay.

See the Guardians of the Deep events page for details of all the events.

Why not test your marine knowledge with a marine-quiz and make a pledge to protect our wonderful watery world here.


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