Show the Love 2020

Every February since 2015, people from all walks of life have joined the UK’s biggest conversation about climate change: ‘Show the Love’.

Genesis says when God had made the world, he was pleased with it. He appointed humans to safeguard it. Sadly, we’ve not done a very good job through the ages. Let’s join in the Climate Coalition’s campaign and Show the Love we have for the world God charged us with looking after.

We can join in to show the love for everything we want to protect from the climate crisis.

It has “never been more important to make your voice heard by the people with the power to make the world of difference. A cleaner, greener future where the things we love are protected from climate change is within reach, but we need to see action today.”1

Let’s join in and “show the love for all we want to protect from climate change, and the ways we can create a safer world for future generations.”

Please also ask your MP what they are doing to Show the Love.  If you download the action pack it contains many action ideas and one way to contact your MP.

The Show the Love website also has a couple of fun ways to provide ideas of green things to do to Show the Love:

These lead to ideas and information on actions such as going peat free in your gardening habits, switching energy providers (, or considering the climate impacts of your diet ( or travel (

If you want to delve deeper, read the Climate Coalition’s Home Truths Report, which includes flooding and extreme weather events

‘Show the Love’ is organised by The Climate Coalition – “the UK’s largest group of people dedicated to action against climate change”.

The Climate Coalition is a group of over 140 organisations — including the National Trust, Women’s Institute, Oxfam, The Wildlife Trusts and RSPB — and 22 million voices strong. Their website says: “We are reaching across the UK to show our love for all the things we want to protect from climate change, and to ask politicians to put aside their differences and commit to doing whatever is necessary to protect them.”

“By working together, we make sure that the public voice is heard by those who can make a difference in creating a cleaner, more secure future.  This has already tipped the balance in favour of landmark UK Government decisions, such as setting a legally binding net zero emissions target. Now we must keep up the pressure to ensure that politicians put in place the policies and investment we need to cut carbon and build a cleaner, greener future.”1

1 All quotes in this blog are from website

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