Financial support

The Bible teaches us about giving – money is just one demonstration among others – but a very important one. From the earliest followers of Jesus, members of the church community have given of their own time and money and it is no different today.
A vital part of belonging to any community is helping to ‘pay the bills’ and we are so thankful for the generosity of those who give practically and financially to support the mission and ministry of St. Luke’s.

Where does the money go?

Supporting our ministries, mission partners, small staff team and buildings all comes with a cost.
Having the finances available means that we can continue to bless our local community, fund the many projects and events that we run and support as well as the normal day-to-day costs of running the church family. Clergy and staff salaries, maintaining buildings and running ministries, even paying the utility bills is all made possible by the generosity of the church community.
In addition 10% of the money received by St. Luke’s (including any Gift Aid) is given in charitable aid to overseas agencies and mission partners.

Our main source of income is us

You can give in different ways but if you give financially and are a UK taxpayer we can make your money go further if you’re willing to complete a Gift Aid Declaration. That allows us to claim back from the UK government some of the tax you’ve already paid on the money you donate to us.

Giving through ChurchSuite or using your mobile phone

Sadly it will be some while before we can pass around an offering bag during our Sunday Services.  So we want to make it easy for you to give as you would want as part of your Christian worship and stewardship.   You can click on the my giving option in the MYChurchSuite app, alternatively you can send a text to  087380 307800 with the word: STLUKES followed by the word give  followed by the amount you want to give, adding m or w, if you want the donation to recur monthly (m) or weekly (w).  You will then receive a text back with a link to our donate page in ChurchSuite with all the donation details pre-filled, awaiting your confirmation.

Hint: Remember to leave a space between STLUKES and the word ‘give’ and between ‘give’ and the amount.  Using the ‘£’ is optional.  Upper, lower and mixed case characters are recognised.

Payment can be made from your debit or credit card, or from your bank account.
There are transaction charges, and you can choose whether or not to add these at the time you confirm your donation.
The payment should appear on your bank/card statement as StLukesM.

SMS Giving How To sheet here.

Giving via MyChurchSuite app How To sheet here.

Sunday Giving: on hold for now due to COVID:19 safeguards

Your gift / donation, either cash or cheque can usually be placed in the offering bag which is normally handed round during our Sunday services. If you are a tax payer, using the yellow gift aid envelopes (completed with your name and address), enables us to reclaim the tax. These envelopes can be found at back of church or you can ask any member of the welcome team for one.  For now, we recommend using ChurchSuite or sending an  SMS message to 087380 307800; see above for details.

Giving by Standing Order

If you decide on giving a regular amount to St. Luke’s please consider setting up a regular standing order with your bank. This is very helpful for planning our future commitments / activities and is something that many members of the church community have already done.
Click here to download a Gift Aid Declaration / Standing Order form.

 Donate online

You can support us by donating (a one-off or regular amount) through CAF Online – just click on the button below to donate

  Give as you shop

Did you know that when you shop online some retailers will give a donation to St. Luke’s? That means that, in addition to anything else you give, you can also help to support the work of St. Luke’s through your shopping – without it costing you anything extra!

If you already shop online with then you can select St. Luke’s as the charity you’d like to support through and they will donate 0.5% of everything you spend with them to us – at no extra cost to you.
Our page on Amazon Smile is: (or you can find us by searching for St. Luke’s Maidstone – we’re listed under the formal name for our registered charity
The Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of St. Luke the Evangelist, Maidstone)


You can support us in a similar way by creating a free account at and doing your online shopping with many of your normal online retailers through their online portal.
For more information check out our EasyFundraising page at

More information

If you would like more giving or accounts information please use the form below to contact our treasurer.