We aim to encourage everyone to support the church’s vision to pray as we believe it forms our strong foundation of faith, all are qualified to participate!

We pray before, during and after our services and our regular prayer events are not just for people who already know how to pray, but are open to everyone. We’d love the opportunity to pray with you.

Prayer Wheel

The purpose of the prayer wheel is to cover the local parish (and our work beyond) with prayer throughout the month.

It is impossible to find a day or evening when all (or even a large number) of us can meet together for prayer. With the prayer wheel, each month small groups meet to pray at a time and place convenient to them. As all the groups are unlikely to meet at the same time; prayer for the local parish is therefore being offered frequently during the month.

Prayer chain

The prayer chain is available to any member of the church who is either personally in need or prayer or wishes to request prayer for someone else.

There are currently around 30 members of the church who, as part of the prayer chain, are willing to pray for others. Requests are sent via email and are treated as confidential.

Prayer during services

If you would like someone to talk or pray with you at the end of any service, please come to the chancel area at the front of the church and speak to someone with a ministry team badge.

For your own protection, we advise that you only receive prayer from ministry team members.

Diocesan Prayer Calendar

The Diocese of Canterbury publish a prayer calendar at the end of each month for use at the start of the next month. You can find details of the current prayer calendar on their website here…