St. Luke’s is organised round the following collaborative teams.

Parochial Church Council (PCC)

The Parochial Church Council (also known as the PCC for short) is made up of members voted on at our Annual Parochial Church Meeting (also known as the APCM for short) plus our clergy. This is our registered charity’s board of trustees; the main decision-making body of the church, especially on all matters of policy, and oversees finance/buildings, etc. The council meets monthly, though nearly half of those meetings will be given over to prayer.

Standing Committee

Members are elected each year by the church council; usually comprises the PCC Officers, Clergy and the Operations Manager. It makes any urgent decisions on matters arising between PCC meetings that cannot wait until the full council next meets (though this will happen only rarely). Its main purpose is to enable communication between Church Wardens, Treasurer and clergy, and to ensure unity. The committee meets approximately every 2 months.

Proto-Leadership Group

Our vicar, with agreement from the PCC, has appointed a small group to pray about and work on our vision and mission as a church. It will take soundings from others across the membership, of course, and keep people in touch with what is decided as we proceed. The Proto-Leadership Group (PLG) is a trial-run for a year, with PCC then deciding what form it should take for the future.

Staff Team

This group meets most Mondays for prayer (and shared lunch) and to catch up on news and issues, facilitating mutual support and effectiveness.

Heads of Ministries Engagement (Home)

Comprises those who oversee areas of church life (such as Worship, Lifegroups, Young People, Welcome, Pastoral Care etc.). This group meets with the Vicar every month to support one another, pray, share issues, offer wisdom, and make proposals to PCC when necessary. Authority has been delegated to all these leaders to make decisions on matters that only affect their group(s).