Vision and values

We are “Here to love God and people”

Our vision, based on 1 Corinthians 13 v4-7 is,

We are here to… be patient with each other and to be kind to one another.
We will not envy the blessings that others receive, or boast about those that we receive.
We do not think we are better than other people, and we will not speak or act as if they are less important than us.
We will not try to win arguments or score points against each other – we will not speak over the voices of others in discussion or insist on having our own way when decisions need to be made.
We will not be irritable with each other or resentful of each other – we will not keep a score of offences nor relate to each other on the basis of (real or imagined) past hurts against us.
We will not rejoice when we see others slip and fall but we will rejoice in hearing, speaking, believing and living in the light of God’s truth about them and about ourselves.
We will bear with one another and with the trials that God allows into our lives, enduring for the sake of our love for one another, for Him, and His endless love for us.
We will choose to trust each other, having faith in each other – always believing and hoping for the best in (and for) each other but, above all, we will persevere in love for each other.


Our values are,

The Bible is our supreme authority defining our faith and ordering our conduct.
We seek to obey the guidance of the Holy Spirit as individuals and a body.
The Bible and the Holy Spirit working together release God’s transforming power.
God alone is awesome and worthy of worship. We were made to love Him.
Faith in Jesus Christ is more exciting than any other way of life.
Excellence honours God and we will strive continually to raise our standards in every area of our lives.
We seek to be a community of friendship, whose lives are transparent, honest and with forgiving hearts.
Small groups are not compulsory, but they are essential! Only in a small group can you be truly changed.
We are here to respond to God’s heart to reach the world with the message of His love.
Unlimited faith: There is no limit to what God can do through those who obey him… faith is spelt ‘R.I.S.K’
We are the ‘light of the world’, a city set on a hill. There is no greater source of hope than the body of Christ.
We are not here to be religious or super-spiritual, but to be naturally supernatural.
We are here to serve others in our community and the wider world.
Everything God does in this world is accomplished by prayer – we will be a people of prayer.
No amount of training or teaching can be a substitute for the anointing of the Holy Spirit, anointing is vital.
We are a community who honour, respect and protect our leaders.
Leaders understand that responsibility carries accountability. True leaders exercise authority with gentleness.
All our communications will be culturally relevant, irreligious and easy to understand.
We will not reinvent the wheel. We will work in partnership with those in the Body of Christ who share our values.
We will never take ourselves too seriously. Fun and laughter are integral elements in the Kingdom of God.
Our purpose and our meaning is found in receiving and giving away the love of God – there is nothing more important!